Unlimited Storage Space
We understand your need to keep important documents for years. You have unlimited storage space for your business with Trustydocs.

Viewing, Organizing And Printing Capability
Many online storage service providers only back up your documents with no capability for actual document viewing. With Trustydocs, your documents are readily accessible to you. With an internet connection, you can view, organize and print your documents, without having to download.

Security & Reliability
Trustydocs not only utilizes industry standard encryption but also uses hosting providers that deploy world-class equipment in multiple locations. In addition to password authentication, we implement most updated measures to prevent unauthorized entry.

Trustydocs currently offers three service plans, standard, premium and custom. All plans come with unlimited storage. Standard and premium are flat-fee plans. The standard plan involves uploading and organizing electronic documents yourself. With the premium plans, you can fax or email us your paper documents and we will handle the storage and conversion to electronic format for you. Custom plans are tailored to your needs with on-site support where desired.

Trustydocs deliver great value at inexpensive prices.

Type of planMonthly feeAnnual fee
Premium 70*$19.99$224.99
Premium 150**$34.99$394.99
All plans come with unlimited storage space.

*Premium 70 has a limit of 70 transmitted documents monthly.
**Premium 150 has a limit of 150 transmitted documents monthly.
***If you process a large amount of documents or have more complex requirements, we can create customized, scalable document storage solutions. The cost is determined based on project considerations. On-site services are available upon request.

User Friendly
The Trustydocs user interface is simple and straightforward, based on proven ideas. There are detailed how-to instructions available after you log into your account to guide you when you need it.

We provide prompt and unlimited email support. You can send your questions to support@trustydocs.com or through the Contact Us page on our website.

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