Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to back your documents?
Documents on paper or stored on CDs and memory sticks can be misplaced, lost or damaged. In addition, the lifespan of CDs and memory sticks can vary. You can lose your important documents without knowing when. In the event of catastrophe (fire, flood etc), everything can be destroyed. Trustydocs can safely and securely store your documents and make it available to you when you need them.

Why Trustydocs?
Trustydocs is not just an online backup service; it enables you to digitize, organize, read and print your documents. With unlimited storage and affordable price, you can access your documents online anytime. Trustydocs helps maintain business continuity when the unexpected happens.

How do I use your service?
For the standard plan, you need to have your documents ready for upload by converting them into PDF format. Then log into Trustydocs where you can start organizing and uploading the documents.

For the premium plans, fax us the paper documents to 612-466-2974, together with a completed cover sheet for each document. Or email your documents to The Premium 70 plan allows up to 70 transmitted documents each month, while the Premium 150 plan allows up to 150 transmitted documents each month.

Detailed instructions are available by clicking here to log in (account required).

If you are using a customized document storage solution that we designed, please contact us directly.

Why does Trustydocs choose to work with the PDF format?
PDF is the standard among the various formats for storing documents electronically, offering useful capabilities such as printing and online display. This is also a secure format; for example, when we convert documents faxed to us into the PDF format, these documents cannot be altered.

How do I convert paper documents into PDF format by myself?
Most scanners can convert scanned document images into PDF format. Please refer to the user's manual or the manufacturer's website for instructions.

Why do I need the cover sheet when I fax documents to Trustydocs?
The cover sheet will specify which category or sub-category a document belongs in. In order for us to arrange your documents correctly for later retrieval, it is crucial to fax a completed cover sheet with EACH document you fax to us. Please click here to download and print out the sheet.

What information do I need to include when I email documents to Trustydocs?
For us to be able to put your documents in the correct place, the email message must contain your registered email address, the name of each document as well as the category/sub-category that each document will be assigned to. Also state if the categories/sub-categories are new or existing.

Are the documents I store with Trustydocs private?
Yes, they are. You are responsible for the content and readability of your documents. We do not read the documents you store with us.

Can I terminate the service anytime?
Yes. You can terminate your service at anytime for any reason by notifying us via email 15 days in advance. For monthly plans, we do not issue refunds. For other types of plans (e.g. annual), refunds will be given for the remaining whole months.

What software do I need on my computer to use this service?
You need Adobe Reader, no older than version 8, and a late version web browser, preferably Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3.

Is it true that I can store as many documents as I want?
Yes, Trustydocs provides unlimited storage.

How long does it take for documents sent by fax or email to show up in my account?
Usually 1 to 2 days.

Do you accept payment by check?
Yes, we do. Checks can be made out to:
JBY Enterprises, LLC. The mailing address is: 1440 Mary Street, St. Paul, MN 55119.

How do we request support or provide feedback?
You can email us at or through the Contact Us page on our web site.

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